5 Lies About Making Money Online As A Blogger


Making money online via blogging or website ownership is the result of several dynamic mixes of steps. When the topic is called into question, there are several things you need to be knowledgeable about when it comes to making money online via website ownership and blogging but then there are things you might have thought you were knowledgeable about, that you actually need to unlearn as you proceed on this journey to avoid being frustrated unnecessarily.

In this post, we would be checking out 5 voices you shouldn’t allow in your head as you plan to make money online in the coming months. Either you’re just about launching your website or you’ve launched it already, then you should always take note of these points to avoid them like a plague.

Let’s check them out.


  1. “I don’t need to invest”

You definitely need to invest, or else you wouldn’t be making a dime online. There’s no business that doesn’t require investments. Time and Energy especially, before you even start talking about money. You’ll write articles (probably pay writers), you’ll pay for SEO, proofread your posts, website review and revamp, etc. Investments are inevitable if you’re a serious blogger/site owner.


  1. “Sophistication is equal to monetization”

This isn’t necessarily true. Well, you probably meant to say user-friendliness can propel monetization. Your site can have a very simple design, yet garner enough traffic and sales to drown some more sophisticated sites. It doesn’t actually follow. Do you know Nairaland is one of the simplest looking sites and one of the biggest money spinners in Africa?

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  1. “I’ll remain on free hosting”

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get on paid hosting. Don’t be in a hurry to forget what happened to Linda Ikeji a couple of years back. Cyber Squatters are Real! Don’t let the little you’ll pay to get your domain name registered and hosted, put you at the mercy of cybersquatters in the future. It’s not cool when you are stuck with your .whatever.com or have to pay cyber squatters a hefty chunk to redeem your domain name.


  1. “I’ll write all my posts myself”

This one voice you shouldn’t allow in your head if you’re serious about making money online. Try to be realistic. You would have to pay writers at one point or the other if you’re a serious “looking-to-make-money” blogger/website owner. Even if you write your articles yourself, there’s a lot of “after-publishing” tasks like sharing the link on social media, IM publicity, etc. that still need to be done.

Doing this by yourself would definitely wear you out and drain your passion.


  1. “It’s been three months. I should’ve started making the money”

This is the funniest part. You must have probably read one of those “Make $1,000 in three weeks” ebook and started blogging – sorry about that. You see, there’s more to blogging than just posting and expecting money to fall on you. You can even spend six months without making a dime but don’t let those months go to waste. Use it to build trust between you and your audience.

Use it to network your blog with other top blogs in your niche. It’s a matter of once the money starts coming in, it’ll be worth the wait.


What other methods do you think bloggers and web owners need to bear in mind as we all proceed on this online business journey?

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