Online Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Capital


There are several online businesses one can start in a bid to make money online but as we all already know, starting online businesses and making money is really just like similar to starting a physical business. Making money online can be very profitable because in the end, when the results start coming in, you can pat yourself on the back for starting when you started and not doubting yourself.

One thing that stops people from starting their own businesses sincerely is the unavailability of funds. That’s why in this post, we’ll actually be looking at 5 online businesses you can start with little or no monetary investment. These online businesses are some of the highest returning businesses out there and that’s why we’ve singlehandedly handpicked them for this post.


Resume/Cover Letter Writing

People will always be looking for jobs – they’ll need help with their resumes and cover letters. That’s where you can come in and help them create a stellar resume to get them hired. If you have a flair for writing, your services will always be needed online.


Become a Web Developer

Becoming a web developer is one of those online businesses you can start with little or no capital and start making money in no time. You need to learn the art of building exquisite websites though. You must however invest time and maybe data into knowing how to build a website from the bottom up. YouTube is a good place to start here. The good thing is that you don’t need to learn coding, which will take time and hard work.

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Become a Graphics Designer

If you’ve seen beautiful sales pages or a website design that really jumps out at you; right? That’s all thanks to the work of a graphic designer. Graphic designers design logos, web pages, sales pages, and really anything else that needs to look sharp and they are basically visual communicators.

To be a great graphic designer, you don’t need to be great at drawing, you don’t need a college degree, and you don’t need to buy a fancy expensive computer. But you do need to be a visual thinker, you do need to specialize in something, and you definitely need a portfolio.

Become A Technical Writer

Ever wondered who wrote the instruction manual for that new TV? That’s the job of technical writers. If you have a love for writing and like the technical side of things, then you may have what it takes to be a technical writer and they get paid quite well too.

If you want to invest yourself into technical writing, there are several websites online that can help you get started. Once you feel you’re ready, you can get jobs on sites like:

Hourly, Freelance, Upwork


Tech Support

With online tech support, you basically offer your skills as a tech whiz. You can work with bigger companies or even one-on-one clients and the good thing is that you can work remotely. Tech support jobs can also regularly be found on Upwork and other freelancing sites.


So, there you have it. Online businesses you can start with little or no capital. And if you think the returns on these businesses aren’t significant, then you need to think again and ask people who currently have these online businesses as their main or only source of income.

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