5 Online Skills You Should Learn in 2020


“Get a skill!”. “Get a skill!” That has been the war cry for a while now and especially since the start of the new year. The only thing is that people actually want to know which school to invest time and energy in, so they won’t just be wasting time getting a skill and by the time they’re done, that skill isn’t relevant any longer.

This is why we’re going to be discussing the 5 online skills out of the many top ones you need to be investing in, in 2020. The advent of technology has left these skills with a weaker foothold than they used to have on the market, but they’re still very important even in 2020.

Let’s check them out; shall we?


Web development

Since the start of the millennium, the rate at which the web development skill has been in demand and increased exponentially. Web development is a necessary skill to learn in 2020, as the demand continues to grow and web designers will continue to cash out pending the time when AI would take over the totality of the web design process.

In the meantime, learn web design and you’ll definitely make money in 2020.

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Social Media Management

Many brands are constantly looking for people to help them manage their business social media accounts and there are quite a number of people who offer this service and not only that, make huge sums from it. If you’re in the digital space, then you know that social media management is one service that’s really sought-after.


Graphics Design

Graphics Design is one of the online skills that has always been sought after and even with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI); it is still very much in vogue. Graphics Design is needed by personal and business brands. Design apps can only do so much, but they can’t have that human touch to it. This is why human graphics designers are still being highly sought-after.


UI/UX Design

UI/UX simply stands for User Interface and User Experience and this is mostly applicable with app and website designers. UI/UX designers are constantly being contracted for one gig or the other. If you know your onions, you’d be the one turning down offers either because the money attached is too small or because you’re too busy.

UI/UX designers are some of the few people who are constantly not looking like they’re doing much but are doing a lot and also earning a lot too.


Content Management

Have you discovered that you have a knack for developing, organizing and publishing content, then content management could just be where your own share of this online money is. Content Developers, Writers, Content Curators, and so on are constantly being sought-after and this doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon.

If you are big on Content Management, then you have on your hands, one of the online money spinners of 2020.


There you have it for 5 online skills for you to learn in 2020. We know there are others but we’ll allow you to mention theme. Which other skill do you think can come in handy and profitable in 2020?


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