5 Things To Avoid If You Want To Make Money Online In 2020


Making money online has been in vogue since people first started using the internet and people would continue to make money online till the internet ceases to exist. There are countless ways to make money online and every day and over $40 Million is circulated online daily. Almost every money-making methods online are still viable but some aren’t as functional as they used to be.

If you want to make money online, you need to have the mental build-up and the patience but not just that, you also need to have the right information to make that happen, and not by trying your hands on everything possible. This is why we’ve made this list on the things to not bother trying your hands on, in the new year. Several new things can pop-up and work, but we can assure the things below are no longer in fashion.


Below are five obsolete methods to make money online; not especially in 2020.


  1. Paid Surveys

Companies used to pay a tangible chunk of their revenues to online strategists who in turn pay random web users to take a quick survey. It helps the company know their strong and weak points but this method of making money online is slowly fading out because the money attached is getting smaller and smaller by the day.

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  1. E-Mails Reception

Companies used to pay people to help them peruse their general emails, pick out the points and send it as a .doc or .txt document. The money allocated used to be tangible because it relieved the companies’ burden but with a lot of people rushing into online jobs, they pay close to nothing these days.


  1. Taking Offers

You might have stumbled on sites that ask you to share just one video for $10. It’s not a scam but it’s not totally true. Taking and completing offers is one online money making method that used to work but not very well these days, with a lot of scam sites spoiling the true ones, people just avoid them altogether.


  1. Paid Referrals

These ones are still very much in circulation and very much active. Referrals used to be one of the best “money on the side” methods online till some Ponzi schemers took hold of it; making it a shady and obsolete scheme. Many people just avoid it now, seeing it as a waste of precious time.


  1. Paid To Click

PTC used to rock back then, when you clicked on some links or some adverts and you got your cash but these days, you can go ahead and try it at your own risk. PTC isn’t what it used to be and some hackers even use it to invade people’s privacy.


So, there you have it… some things that will definitely leave you frustrated if you attempt making via them in 2020. Like said already, don’t bother. Did we leave anyone out? Mention it in your reply.




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