5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram


Instagram is a platform that has made some people millionaires and it has no sign of slowing down. Many people have Instagram as their only source of income and its paying off pretty well. If you want to learn a few ways by which you can make money on Instagram, then you’re reading the right post.

Let’s mention a few points. Shall we?


Own A Review Page

One very solid means of making money on Instagram or IG, as it’s popularly called is to grow a community around your review page. Just like Facebook, the money is not directly in the community but in the value exchange, which is the only way you can grow a community in the first place. If you love books, create a page for book lovers and share your thoughts about book. If yours is fashion or tech, the same rule applies. You can review gadgets, fashion, products, even movies.

Over time, people would pay you for reviews and you can easily put those with the hashtag #PaidReview or #Advertisement

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Become An Influencer

This isn’t easy but it is achievable. If you want to really make money from Instagram, then you might want to become an influencer. Your page is expected to have a certain number of followers and an expected level of interaction before you can call yourself an influencer.

Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance, makes about $40M annually as an Instagram influencer. That’s about $7M more than he earns as a professional footballer.


Advertise Your Business

You cannot scroll through your timeline without seeing posts tagged “Sponsored Posts”. Advertising is one of the ways businesses make a truckload of money on Instagram. If you can reach and hit the right audience, then you can keep smiling to the bank, especially if your product or service serves a very important purpose.

No budget is too big to spend on your business for advertisement. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re spending too much on advertisement. Advertising a compulsory path to making money on Instagram.


Manage Others’ Pages

There are several people who wouldn’t mind paying a token to someone to help them manage their social media pages, as they’re too busy to manage it themselves. This is one of the ways whereby you can make money for yourself on the social media platform. Paying are willing to pay you to help them manage their business pages.

If you think you can juggle handling more than one business account, then go ahead and do so. Managing more accounts means more money into your pocket.



Sometimes, someone needs products and the person selling them isn’t aware and even if they’re aware, they’re not close enough. Drop-shipping works in a way where you pose as a seller (but you sell at a slightly higher price as you won’t be charging for delivery). Many people make money via this means on Instagram. Although some others just want to scam people.

If you have good intentions and you’re not greedy, then dropship once in a while and it’ll be a win-win for you and the customer who needs the item.


We hope you’ve been able to gain a thing or two from the points above. IG is a land flowing with cash, and if you’re smart enough, you can pocket your own share.

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