7 Ways To Maintain Space On Your Smartphone


Let’s talk about several ways to Maintain Space On Your Smartphone because it’s really not nice to keep having to see the notification of “Low Memory Space”, especially those who carry out half of their daily tasks on their smartphones.

If you’re someone who uses a 32GB or 64GB smartphone, then you would at some point have to recycle your phone’s memory, but imagine you got a smartphone 2 months ago and you’re seeing “Low Memory Space” today. It can be pretty annoying.

In this post, we’ll be looking at how to free up space on your beloved smartphone if your phone is already notifying you of the low storage space or how to keep your phone’s memory in check in a way whereby you’ll never have to get to that point where you’re deleting and recycling under duress.

Let’s check out a few options; shall we?


Use a Space Cleaner

Most new phones come with a space cleaner. For others, you might have to download it. A good recommendation is CC Cleaner. How does it work? It deletes the redundant files it can find in your internal storage and also deletes cache files.


Delete Files Immediately

If you’re much on downloading or snapping, you might want to instantly get rid of duplicate files or repeated shots. If you leave it till later, there’s a high chance you won’t remember to delete them and it’ll form part of the space-consuming elements on your phone.

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Check Your WhatsApp Folder

If you’ve deleted and cleaned and you still need more space, check your WhatsApp folder. Most times, this is always the suspect for space consumption. Also, you need to remove “auto-download media” from the in-app settings. Keep an eye on your WhatsApp folder.


Check Your Camera Folder

Speaking of suspects, another suspect is the DCIM or Camera folder. DCIM stands for Digital Camera Images. Open the folder and scroll down to the end. Afterward, highlight redundant images and delete them. You’ll be shocked at how much space you’ll have freed.


Clear Cache Files

If you don’t trust 3rd party apps to get rid of cache files and you need space on your smartphone, then you can easily do it yourself by going to your browser. Click on settings and find “Cache”/ “Cache & Memory”. Select “Clear cache files and as soon s it’s done, repeat the process 2 or 3 times more. You should be good.


Uninstall Useless Apps

Nothing gives you a bulk of free space like uninstalling useless apps if you want to have space on your smartphone. Why will you keep apps you don’t use on your phone while scrambling for space? It doesn’t even make sense. Whenever you’re pressed for space, first of all, delete useless apps before useless files.


Use Cloud Storage

One of the best ways to never worry about space on your smartphone is to implement the use of cloud storage. As long as you can manage a little bit of mobile data or Wi-Fi, then you should be fine when it comes to cloud storage. As a matter of fact, it’s the best option for a regular phone user.


So, that’s about it. What other methods do you think are effective to maintain a free internal storage?

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