Blogging: Niches To Make Money in 2020


If you’re one of those who have heard that people don’t make money online anymore, then we’re sorry to say that you’ve been lied to. People steadily make money, and as long as the internet continues to exist, people will keep making money online. One of the ways people make money that can never go out of vogue is blogging.

Wait did you just say blogging? Yes, that’s exactly what we said.

Quickly, we’ll like to point out a few blog niches that can make you money, if only you’ll be patient enough to groom the blog and invest in it. As soon as you steadily build your traffic strength, and apply for on-page ads, then you can be sure you’ll soon be smiling to the bank.

Health Niche

Over $30 Billion circulates in the health sector yearly and when it comes to health blogging, the money circulation is similar, as health websites make the highest revenue amongst all the websites. The health niche is really over-saturated and for good reasons too.

Health niche is a very wide niche and health-related searches take up to 60% of the whole internet search. People are constantly asking health-related questions and if you start a health blog and you are patient enough to grow it, you just might be rearing a golden goose.


Relationship Niche

Relationship topics are constantly being researched online. This is why if you want to start a relationship blog, then you need to know exactly which aspect of relationships you’re delving into. Also, one good thing about running a relationship blog is that you really don’t have to be an authority in the relationship field to run a successful relationship blog.

Relationship blogs are some of the blogs that if run right correctly, can make you loads of money in the long run.

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Business Niche

“How to make money online”, “25 Online Businesses To With N50k”, “How To Start An Online Business”, and so many other topics are topics that are being researched daily. If you start a business blog and you have the patience to invest in it properly, then you can be sure to start reaping the dividends in less than a year.

What you need is a stable traffic hack and a good advertisement platform for CPM and you can start converting your site visits to cash. Also, note that the cash can only grow, as more and more people visit your website.


Sports Niche

Nothing unifies people online better than Sports. This is why if you start a sports blog today, the returns will eventually only make you wish you’d started earlier. Sports Niche is a money-spinner for those who want to groom a website and have the patience required to build the traffic.

Sports Niche is a very wide niche and we’ll honestly tell you that Football is the best in terms of return, followed by basketball and racing.


Review Niche

Everyone wants to know how something else works before they go ahead and throw their hard-earned cash at it and this where review blogs come in. If you start a review blog, try to ensure that you narrow it down to a sub-niche under the general canopy of reviews.

For instance, you can only decide to review tech items, gadgets and electronics and have nothing to do with fashion. If you’re patient enough, then you will definitely see results in no time.


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