Building A Social Media Community in 2020


Social Media is fast becoming a very powerful tool, no doubt. It’s becoming one of the top (if not the only) means by which one’s voice can be heard and you know what? Everyone wants to be heard. Although with social media comes both the pros and cons but in our 21st-century e-community, you subconsciously give some sort of respect to someone with 1,000 (One thousand) Facebook friends and 5,000 Twitter followers than the other fellow with 350 Facebook friends and 126 Twitter followers.

Got the drift right? Okay, let’s go on.

A healthy construction of your Social Media community is one constructed with patience and mutual consent. That is, having people of like minds in your community. Assuming you are a political enthusiast who posts on forums and probably guest blogs, you would do well by adding your social media accounts names/handles for people to connect with you and share their views with you and you could debate, rub minds, argue/fight and move on with your offline life – but not totally forgetting about the online platforms.

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Supply of goods or provision of services can also boost your e-presence, as clients want to associate with you (If your services are something to write home about) and know you, Up-Close and Personal. That is actually building a community for your business but make sure everyone knows it’s not some kind of robot behind the ‘Status Updates’ and ‘Tweets’ and know it’s your face behind every single activity (except in cases where your account has been hacked.)

Irrelevancies, Poor Communication Skills, Scanty engagement, Perpetual Unruliness, Questionable Activities, etc. are some of the many reasons some (maybe many) friends/followers would decide on leaving your community and this would in turn reduce your online outreach. Curb unnecessary and immature habits on social media and you would most like see an upsurge in your (very essential) social media community.

Communities are really the way to go and in 2020, you should invest time, energy and money into building an online community. This is because everyone is somewhat looking for a community to associate with. If you can be patient enough to build a community online and constantly share valuable info, you can be sure of being seen as a thought leader in no time.

It takes skill to groom a community and you really should invest into acquiring that skill, regardless of the platform you decide to build your community on. Whether Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Blog, Instagram, Snapchat, or whichever platform, you should have the skill set required. There are a number of them but number one skill is CONSISTENCY. It takes a constant consistency to build an online community.

Take note of that as you get Social Media conscious and build your community online in 2020.

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