Why Should You Consider Online Shopping in 2020?


Some people still prefer buying items physically in stores to online shopping. As much as it is stale news that virtually everything has gone virtual still it must be said that preference must be respected; especially in older folks as some would rather do their stuff in physical malls rather than enjoy the convenience and the benefit that comes with both the internet and the upsurge of countless online malls.

When shopping is called into question, it’s quite surprising that not everyone totally buys the idea of flipping through different angles of a picture on their laptops or mobile devices, after which they click “Add To Cart” and proceed to “Check Out”. Nope, that just doesn’t work for them. They’ll rather visit the shop, see the item physically and probably bargain before dipping their hands into their purses to purchase it.

To make matters interesting, according to research, the percentage of those who would rather visit a shop or mall physically to those who rather carry out online shopping and just expect the delivery man is 31.8% to 49.6% respectively, with the remaining 18.6% claiming indifference. These statistics still pass a message to an entrepreneur whose activities have been totally offline – the internet is indeed changing the way people shop.


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So why stick to your metal adverts and fabric banners when blank spaces beside top blogs and sites like Online New Naija are up for grabs and you can indeed reach more customers. Be a smart entrepreneur and make smart decisions. When you take your adverts online, you add the element of omnipresence to your ads and step out of the confines of space and time. 10 prospective shoppers can see your posts at the same time from 10 different countries.

Indeed, the entrepreneur can’t change the decision of shoppers and customers, but they can reach more people who would rather order for stuff online; this goes without totally shutting off the physical store to those shopping offline since some shoppers would either visit your physical store or altogether refuse to do business with you. Shoppers behaviour is indeed a two-way street and both must be adequately mastered to get maximum returns.

Online shopping has grown on exponentially in these parts but so has easy fraudulent habits. Some tried online shopping for the first time and got their fingers burnt and this why they would need some sort of intervention to return to online shopping. As a business owner who is big on integrity and quality delivery, then having an ad running online for your business is super imperative.

What are my plans in 2020 to have more people who have warmed up to the idea of online shopping patronize me?” This is what you should constantly be thinking about. Entrepreneurs who have their businesses online and run online ads have every benefit of online shopping come to them.

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