How To Develop A Savings Culture in 2020


You need to have a year that’s way better than the previous ones and one of the way to make that happen is to see to it that have a sharper and more broadened financial intelligence than previous years. The ‘Make all; Spend All” habit of so many self-employed people and entrepreneurs, is one of the reasons businesses don’t survive as long as they want it to, and they also go into borrowing

As a business-minded person, one of the areas required for self-development is your saving habit. The ability to build your prudency portfolio and improve your budgeting habit also helps you mentally in having better self-control and take you out of the ‘want it, buy it’ zone – A habit you can’t afford to indulge in if you have a lot to achieve in 2020. Your savings and investment portfolio must be top-notch.

Spending what you have left after saving sounds like a myth to some people but to some people have duly mastered the tips and tricks of saving and budgeting, it is a really simple feat. For the sake of emphasis, you can’t succeed in business if you can’t master the self-development art of saving.

So how do you give yourself a headstart to saving in 2020


Write Things Out.

If you want to buy a car, write it out and find out the price. This will help you save more purposefully, instead of just saving for the sake of it. This will also help you break down your savings into weekly, monthly and quarterly savings and will help you stay very well on track.

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Get An Accountability Partner.

You need to be accountable to someone if you want to stick to your saving plan. If you’re not saving in someone else’s hand, then you need to have someone who’ll be your accountability partner and has every right to know how well you’re adhering to the plan.


Set Milestones.

Saving become a bit difficult when you don’t set milestones. How much do you want to save in January? How much should you have saved by the end of March? Setting milestones and checking them against your overall plan will help you know if you need to save more or not.


Remind Yourself.

It’s easy to get carried away and this is why you need to constantly remind yourself of “WHY” you’re saving in the first place. Nothing can distract you, as long as you have the main objective in mind. Anytime you feel like quitting the savings, remind yourself “why”.


Tech Things Up.

There are several apps than help to stay above one’s savings these days. Check your Google PlayStore for android users or App Store for iPhone users. Having an app that gives you a hand in keeping track, can easily be the difference in whether you see it through or you fall by the roadside.

We hope these tips help and you have an amazing 2020, full of financial accomplishments. All the tips we shared are super important; so, don’t throw one away at the expense of the other.


Happy New Year!

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