How To Easily Get Google AdSense Approval


Getting Google AdSense is one of the ultimate aims of almost every blogger. One of the best ad networks to monetize a website or a blog is Google AdSense. It is 90% better than any other CPC advertising programs and it is still one of the ad platforms that offer website owners the highest CTR for every web page. Website owners / Publishers can make a lot of revenue from Google AdSense.

Every new webmaster has a dream to monetize their website with this ad network. But unfortunately, many of them fail. Over the years, the mode of entry for Google AdSense has evolved, with which AdSense introduced some strict rules and requirements. Now, there are several reasons why AdSense can reject an application and on seldom cases even give a reason. Don’t mind them. They feel they don’t owe anyone an explanation.

If it seems hard to get AdSense approval for your blog, don’t panic. Just read the points below and hope they recognize your effort.


Write High-Quality Content

Writing high quality content is one way to get Google Adsense approval and get your blog running Google sponsored ads. One thing you really don’t want to assume or believe, is that Google with grant your request with copy and paste content, all over your blog. Sorry… It won’t work.


Have Sufficient Contents or Posts:

Webmasters recommend you have between 40 – 80 uniquely generated content on your website before applying for Google Adsense. Although we’ve seen cases of website owners having just 30 posts and getting approval, the recommendation remains 40 – 80 posts especially for those in these parts of the world.

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Check if Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google:

There is every possibility the only reason you’re not getting Google AdSense approval is that your site has been blocked by Google itself. You’d like to check right? So, in your Google search, type “” (replace “” with your website URL and hit the Enter button. If it shows no result; sorry! Your website has been blocked.


Don’t Have Adsense Prohibited Content:

There are several contents that once they go up on your website, you’ll probably never get AdSense approval. Websites with mature content, hacking tutorial, weapon-related content, swear words, violence, and illegal drugs-related content can never get approval from Google. That’s just the way it is. If you’re really serious about running Google sponsored ads on your website, then you need to be careful about the type of content you put up on your website.


Give Your Blog a Nice Design and Structure:

Webmasters recommend that you give your site a sitemap. This is because websites with standard structures get approved faster than websites that have no structure. When your site is all over the place and both web crawlers and website visitors can’t easily navigate through your site, then you know you might be the one delaying your AdSense approval.


So, that’ just about it for now. Of course, there are other things to do to race faster towards approval, but then these points are also super-important to note. Do you think we left any vital point out?

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