Effects Of Quality Content On Your Blog


A lot of bloggers forget the real effect of having quality content on their blog. They forget that the blog is just a vehicle but the engine inside the vehicle is the content. No matter how much you invest in your blog, what ultimately makes or breaks your site’s relevance is the content (the engine). Not the load speed, not the number of comments, not the logo and not even really the website layout.

You must’ve seen some website with questionable layouts, still raking in the traffic numbers back-to-back. Ever heard the word “Content is King”? They’re able to do good numbers because they have the content to back up their website.

There are a few quick points we think you should know about your site content as you go on and about with investing in your site. We would also try as much as possible to explain in simple terms, with minimal technical terms.


Site Quality

We all have one or two sites we bookmarked. Why did we do that? Simple – Cos we love the info we got from the site. The content of your site is what readers would use to judge the quality. It’s either a blog with great content or a crappy ‘no-tangible-info’ blog. If you want your website bookmarked and constantly revisited, then you absolutely need to take care of the content on that site.

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Traffic Maintenance

If making a post on a forum like Nairaland drives 10,000 visitors to your blog, then that’s a good feat… but then if that’s the only creative and original content on that blog, you’ve just killed it. This is simply because you don’t have a plan of making those people come back.

To maintain your influx of traffic, your content needs to be in check.



You knew this had to make the list right? A new Google patent that would soon be released probably later this year, would automatically put the link of where the original post on your site came from and you can’t remove it, except you change or remove the post totally. Bad news for all the Copy and Paste bloggers. If you don’t have the time to create an original post, pay content managers to help you out.



Your site’s SEO is not complete without taking care of your content (don’t pay anybody that tells you otherwise). In fact, this is a very elaborate topic. Before paying for your site’s SEO optimization, ask yourself one important question you shouldn’t forget to ask yourself is: “Is my site’s content original enough to align with SEO tactics?”.

Posting original and unique content is where most Entertainment and Celebrity bloggers get hooked. Have you ever heard of the “Google’s Freshness Factor?”



Backlinks are also super important. As a matter of fact, when you share posts that give solutions to people’s problems, you have a higher chance of getting your backlinks clicked on than a post like “Beyonce just bought new shades: Click to see photos”. No one wants to see any photo. To keep getting adequate backlinks, monitor the relevance, quality, and originality of your content.


Cheers to your online relevance.


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