How To Carry Out GTBank Transactions Using USSD Codes


Almost all the banks in Nigeria allow their customers to carry out transactions quickly using the mobile USSD code but Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) is one of the first banks to start. There was a huge advertisement for their *737*0# code for everyone to see, immediately they started. GTBank transfer code, as its widely called, is capable of carrying out transactions that the codes of some other banks may not be able to carry out.

Below are some of the transactions the GTBank USSD code *737# is capable of carrying out:

  • Account opening
  • Checking of the account balance
  • Fund Transfer
  • Airtime & Data purchase
  • Creating PIN
  • Reactivating of old GTbank accounts
  • Bill and Merchant payment etc.


How To Open An Account

Like we listed above, you can very well open an account with GTBank using the USSD *737# Code. To open an account with GTbank, using the code, simply dial this code to given bellow, the code allows to open a GTBank account with N300,000 maximum account balance. Dial *737*o# to open the account.


How To Check Account Balance

You don’t have to visit any GTBank branch simply to check your account balance. To check your GTBank account balance with the USSD code, all you’ll need to do, is to dial *737*6*1#, by doing so, you can simply and quickly check your account balance from the convenience of your home by just using your phone. Also, ensure you’re dialing the code from the phone you registered with GTBank as the number attached to your GTBank account.

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How To Transfer Money

Let’s talk about transferring money with the USSD *737# code, which is very simple. You can transfer either from one GTBank account to another GTBank account or from a gtbank account to accounts with other banks in Nigeria as long as your phone is registered with your GTBank account number. To transfer money from your GTBank account to other GTBank accounts simply use the code in this format: *737*1*amount*recipient account number* example: *737*02000*1234512345#. You are to use the last 4 digit of your debit card.

To transfer from GTBank to other banks in Nigeria dial this code: *737*2*amount*recipient account number# For instance, *737*2*20001234512345#, you will also need to use the last 4 digits of your debit card to authenticate this transaction

How to buy airtime with the *737# code If you have a GTBank account then you should never be out of airtime except when there isn’t money in your bank account.

At the press of a few buttons on your phone, with the number registered with GTBank, you can easily recharge and more airtime. You can even recharge the phone of others. To recharge your phone, that is the phone number you registered with your GTBank account simply dial *737*amount# on your phone example: *737*200#

To recharge the phones of someone else, dial *737*amount*recipients phone number#. For example: *737*200*08012341234# you will need the last 4 digits of your GTBank debit card to complete the transaction.

The benefit of using the GTBank code to buy airtime is that it is quick to use and available 2417, the money is deducted directly from your bank account.

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