Making Money Online Via App Development


App development is becoming a very popular means by which people make money online these days and it’s not about to slow down especially with several app development platforms springing up to remove the hardcore technicality in developing an app, especially for website owners. Mobile apps are getting more and more popular by the year.

If you have an idea for a cool, useful, and/or fun app, latching unto the current app development trend might just be the way to go. Carry out your extensive research before investing lots of money in your idea. So, how do you set up an app so you can also start making money online via app development?

Before you embark on your app development journey, you need to answer some vital questions about the app’s functionality. Having a well-designed app is great, but if your app doesn’t serve any specific purpose then there’s no point. What is it going to do? What is its core appeal? What concrete problem is it going to solve, or what part of life is it going to make better?


Researching helps you define a clear goal for your app and defining a clear goal for the app is what’s going to help you get downloads faster and popularity quicker.

The four main purposes of researching are:

  • Find out whether there are other apps doing the same thing
  • Find design inspiration for your app
  • Find information on the technical requirements for your app
  • Find out how you can market and monetize your app

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While you may think that you have a revolutionary idea, you may get your hopes crushed very quickly. There are more than 1 million apps for Android and iOS, so building something that hasn’t been done before is nearly impossible.

Nonetheless, you must not get discouraged by those who may playing in the same arena. It is imperative that you focus on your own project and your user acquisition. Learn from the key features and mistakes of your competitors, and drop all other thoughts about them.

There is a great marketplace for designers called Dribbble. Designers use Dribbble to showcase their work to others for feedback and to get inspiration from fellow artists. It is probably the favorite place to look for ideas about design and implementation.


Feedback / Review

A review is super important if you’re serious about making money online via app development. Ask friends, family, colleagues, and experts to help you review your prototype and don’t be scared of critical reviews. Grant them access to your wireframe and have them give your app a test run. Ask them for their honest feedback and to identify flaws and dead-end links. Monitor how they use the app, taking note of their actions and adapting your UI/UX to them.

The goal is to concretize your app concept before it goes into the design process! Once you start designing it is much harder to change things around, so the clearer the prototype from the start, the better.

There are several other resources online that get you closer to designing the perfect app for the purpose you’re designing for but if you’re planning on making money online via app development and you have a really grand idea, then pls go ahead and start crafting the background process.

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