Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online Via Mails (2)


Let’s continue from where we left off, on making money online via your mails; shall we? Kindly bear in mind that people are constantly implementing these tips and are making actual cash from their well nurtured mailing lists. Your mailing list is just like having your customers on a register and smooth-talking them for a while until they’re smooth-talked into purchasing your products


Don’t Be Salesy

When you sound too salesy, you appear desperate. Like you need them to do you a favour by purchasing your product. Don’t let that happen. Let it be clear that you’re doing them a favour by selling your product at the price you put on it.

When you share value, mail recipients on your mailing list are easily willing to purchase what you have to sell and you make 85% more sales than when you tell them to come buy without first giving them value.

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Always Include CTA

Always include Call-To-Actions in your mails. This is one way to make sales. Not adding call to action is just like bringing customers into your shop, chatting with them and letting them go without them buying anything.

CTA’s don’t always have to tell the mail recipient to buy anything but tell them to do something at the end of your mail. It makes it easier to obey you, when you finally tell them to buy something.


Always Make It Short

No one really has time to read long mails, especially since your CTA would most likely be at the end of the mail. So, try to keep your mail short and concise. Nothing should be the reason your mail gets overly long. Even if it’s catchy, keep it simple, short and without big grammar.

That way, people can quickly get to the end and make their purchase decision before dropping off.


Ensure All Links Work

There’s absolutely no point having a very catchy mail, with a catchy header and every other thing but then the links in the mail don’t work. It’s just like setting up the dining room with with ultra modern wall finishes, mahogany dining table and chairs, exquisite serving dishes, only for guests who are prepared to eat, to open the food cover and find empty dishes.

Ensure every single link that appears in your mail works perfectly.

Sound Like An Authority

Don’t be afraid to sound like an authority in the topic you’re discussing on. It is one of the hacks information marketers use to build the “Trust” factor. If your audience don’t see you as an authority, they might be skeptical to buy any product from you. Always sound like an authority in your mails


Be Semi-Formal

Don’t always sound like your mail recipients’ bosses or colleagues. They probably have those already. You want to instead sound like their confidant and very close buddy. This would make them trust you more.

Although don’t sound razz in the attempt to do that because of the caliber of people you’re talking to. That said, you need to find a balance in your mails’ tone or better still, hire a professional writer to always help you craft your mails.


What other things do you think one can try out, in order to make money from their mailing lists? Kindly share.

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