Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online Via Mails


Sending mails to a mailing list is never done just for the fun of it. If you’ve invested time, money, and possibly energy to ensure you build your mailing list, then your aim boils down to one thing; which is to make money from that mailing list. This is why we’ve compiled a list of 10 things to do if you want to make money from your mailing list.


Be Consistent

Without consistency, you can hardly make money online via any channel; especially not with emails. If you want to make money via sending of newsletters to your mailing list, then you need to choose a date (and possibly, time) when your mails go out.

You should research on the best days of the week and time to send out your mails to get a higher open rate then stick to it and be consistent. Over time, your mails will have a bigger effect than when you started out.

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Offer A Free Product

Offering free products to get people to subscribe or sign up for your mailing list is an old trick that’ll continue to work for as long as the internet remains active. Everyone likes free stuff and if you offer something relevant, people will sign up to your mailing list.

When that happens, you can simply continue to nurture your mailing list until you start having them purchase your products regularly and you start smiling to the bank.


Offer Bonuses

If people purchase your product, one way to first of all say “Thanks” and then to boost your chances of having repeat business is to give out a bonus on the side. It could be a free ebook or any other valuable stuff just on the side.

Doing this would ensure that the next time you pop up in their inbox, their willing to see what you’ve got for them this time. This means your open rates will increase and so will your click rate too.


Give Valuable Information

The quality of the information to give out to your mailing list will determine to a large extent, how well your mailing list serves you. If you constantly give out valuable and timely information, then your mailing list will always look forward to the day of the week your mail comes in.

Constantly doing this will help your mailing list relate with you better and make purchase decisions from a place of emotion. They know and like you enough to trust your product to worth whatever price tag you slap on it.


We’ll be back in the second part of this post to talk more on how to make money online via your mailing list.

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