Toyota Corolla – 5 Reasons Why It’s The Car Of The Year


Toyota Corolla won the Car of The Year (COTY) in one of the award categories at the elaborate COTY Ceremony in 2019, By winning the Award, it beat Hyundai Tucson and GAC GS4 SUV, a Chinese brand, which came second and third respectively.

Toyota Corolla is a force to be reckoned with in the automobile sector. It holds the title of being the best-selling nameplate in the world, having sold more than 47.65 million (as of August 2019) vehicles since its introduction in 1966. What keeps it in such high demand is its quality and dependability.

Let’s quickly look at a few reasons why Toyota Corolla is currently the defending champion of the Car Of The Year Awards.


  1. Fuel economy: This is the number one thing Nigerians look for when purchasing a car. A car that takes relatively lesser fuel to transport Nigerians is favoured. You can even hear some car owners brag how long distances specific litres of petrol can take them. Also, a car that consumes less fuel also reduces carbon emissions, which is important to environmentally conscious auto buyers.

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  1. Competitive price: Toyota Corolla is being sold at an affordable price and that is one of the reasons that it so popular amongst Nigerians. Even with the dip in exchange rates, a fairly used Corolla costs about 1.9m to 2.1 million Naira. In the country at the moment, no decent car costs less than 1 million Naira. When it comes to Tokunbo or Nigerian used, you can get for varying prices but corolla is still at a competitive price rate.


  1. Safety: Toyota Corolla, regardless of the year, is known as an exceptionally safe ride. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the Corolla it’s highest designation of “good” for nearly all crash test evaluations. This isn’t the first year the Corolla has gotten top safety ratings, and it won’t be the last. Families can trust the Toyota Corolla to help them arrive safely at their destination, wherever it may be.


  1. Simplicity: Many vehicles have in a bid to look techy, stopped being user friendly. They come sporting dashboards that look like the control panels for jet fighters. The Corolla, even with it’s current technology, still manages to remain as simple as possible. Where the Corolla differs from its rivals is in the user-friendliness of its tech options. Corolla interiors take a minimalist approach to design.


  1. Reliability: This virtue, above all others, is likely what keeps auto consumers coming back time and time again to purchase Toyota Corollas. Corollas typically have very few recalls or reported sudden problems. Many owners report that, other than changing the oil and replacing the spark plugs and brake pads, they have few repair costs.


  1. Ease of Resale: Imagine you need cash to sort out an issue or want to buy another car, As soon you put any recent model of Corolla (not 1980’s model) for sale, prospective car buyers would start calling and bargaining with you, even from the first day and you can sell it that very day. This has been the report of so many auto dealers and personal sellers. When they say the Corolla doesn’t stay in the market for too long, it’s totally true.


Which car are you planning this year and how much research have you done about it?

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