USSD Banking: UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code


Several banks are implementing the use of USSD codes to make life easier for their customers and UBA isn’t left out. Mobile money transfers are what’s in vogue, as many customers don’t fancy going into the bank to carry out any form of transaction. UBA mobile money transfer code makes it easy to perform any transaction via SMS or USSD right from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

With UBA mobile money transfer code various transactions can be done such as

Bills payment

airtime recharge

Airtime Recharge

Own account Transfers

3rd Party Transfer

Account Balance check

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The USSD code for UBA is *919# that’s the first thing you need to have in mind. Every other suffixing code is to carry out several transactions.


How to transfer with UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

To use the UBA bank mobile banking, you need to register first from a registered number associated with your bank account.


Dial *919# from on your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen command, get your PIN and start using UBA mobile USSD banking.

To send money to a UBA Account, dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen command.

To send money to other Nigerian banks, dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen command.

For transfers above N20,000 you need a Secure Pass (in form of a token). You can download the app for Android and iOS or visit a nearest UBA branch near you to get the token and carry out further transactions from the comfort of your home.


How to Buy Airtime with UBA Airtime Recharge Code

You can use UBA mobile recharge code to buy airtime for yourself or your friends and family directly from your account.


To load airtime to your own phone, simply dial *919*Amount# – for example, to recharge N500 for yourself dial *919*500#

To load airtime for a friend or family, dial  *919*Phone Number*Amount# – for example, to recharge N500 for a friend dial *919*08134609654*500#

How to Check UBA Account Balance on Your Phone

To check UBA account balance on your phone, dial *919*00# – your balance will be displayed on your screen.


Be sure that your PIN code is kept as coded as possible. If you get careless with your USSD PIN code, anyone can easily carry out transactions from your account, using the phone number registered with the bank and attached to your UBA account.

This is why it is only your phone number registered with your account that can carry out USSD transactions straight from your bank account.

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