Why Should You Upgrade Your Skills?


Why is it really important to upgrade one’s skills? Well, technology is on everyone’s shoulders, ready to snatch that job you hold very dear but have refused to upgrade your skills on. Advancements and evolutions to virtually everything that exists around us is a reality we can’t seem to run away from.

For instance, remember the days when a SIM card sold for around $150 (₦30,000) and a SendoX sold for around the same price? What happened then that a sim card is sold for less than a dollar and there’s nothing like Sendo in the present phone age and time? UPGRADE. Remember when Nokia and Blackberry were the two kings of the global mobile phone industry? What happened? UPGRADE.

The strife to achieve more is one of the major attributes in the loins of an entrepreneur. You can never take it away from them and if you’re as serious as you claim to be as an entrepreneur, then you need no preacher to sermonize to you the importance of upgrading your skills. There was a time when Carpenters were the big players and the respected entrepreneurs; later on, came the Furniture Makers and now there’s the upgrade trend of combining Interior Designers.

There was a time when ‘Washermen’ paraded the neighbourhood, asking for dirty clothes from door to door, later on came the dry cleaners and now there’s the upgrade trend of the Elite DC Club. The DC simply means ‘Dry Cleaners’ don’t be over-sweetened by the acronym.

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There was a time when Tailors were the big entrepreneurs, later on came the Fashion Designers, (who quite rightly don’t even want to be called tailors) and now there’s the upgrade of the Style/Wardrobe Consultants or Fashionprenuer.

So you get the drift? Never be satisfied as an entrepreneur because while you’re resting on your oars, some other entrepreneurs are busy pushing the boundaries of what you thought was the destination and you might get left behind on the journey. As it’s been rightly said, there’s no loss in investing in skill acquisition and upgrade, because it simply means clients have to pay more for the services of someone of your standard and versatility.

Never get tired of adding new skills and upgrading old ones. Technology would catch up with almost everything we do now but by then, there would be a window of upgrade open to those who want to keep staying two steps ahead of technology. Don’t allow complacency to hold you down and bar you from doing the needful as a skilled entrepreneur.

Follow the trend, see what’s been done in your field, do the same thing and upgrade on it. That’s the way of the 21st Century entrepreneur. When you find an opportunity to upgrade your skills, don’t sleep on it. Invest time, money and energy to learn like your business depends on it… because as a matter of fact; it’s only a matter of time before your business will actually depend on it.

Upgrade your skills.

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